About Angel Tours


About Angel Tours

Who are we ?

Established in 2004, Angel Tours is in 13 cities and has years of experience. Created and still steered by Irish man Sean T O Sallaigh, this company has purposefully grown slowly into cities chosen not for their street value but because they are very human cities that have grown fond in the heart, memory and soul of Sean T. Called Angel Tours because Sean T feels that an Angel is a being which protects, guides and befriends us in our lives journeys. They say you know a person by the friends they keep, well then you know Angel Tours by the cities that Sean T has chosen, reflecting the ancient, wise, cultural, beautiful, spiritual and fun elements which give generously to our experience of travel. The use of an umbrella as a meeting beacon, the golf buggy tour, and imparting historical facts in ” story telling fashion” are ideas first created by Sean T. Focusing on small groups, using Irish guides ( natural story tellers ) being flexible and keeping the business small are key components to the success we celebrate every time we complete a guests itinerary and leave them feeling satisfied.

Our Team

Sean T

My mother use to come to visit Rome about 6 times per year from around 2005 to 2014, I figured that a good option for bringing her around Rome was by using a small golf cart and so The golf buggy tour was invented. The Romans use to shout and scream at us in the beginning. They thought we were two crazy Irish in Rome and that was true, but now they are used to us all.

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The city of Rome is the most common.

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Borghese Gallery And Gardens
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Ostia Antica Day Tour
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